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Digester decanter with lamellar settling system

We can equip our pits with a lamellar decantation system. It makes it possible to continuously separate particles of different sizes and densities. By increasing the rate of sedimentation, the settling volume is reduced. This system is made to measure, consult us.

Grease separator

Traps grease from kitchen waters.

Prefilter and clogging indicator for MaxiCap

Other accessories :

– Collars
– Decanter distemper
– Drain column
– Separator
– Range of millennium looks
– Spreading films and sand filters
– Chase
– Compact filter eco diffuser
– Raise
– PVC valve
– Lip seals
– Tank welds
– Level
– Drain column with firefighter connection
– Pass PVC partition for wall passage


Click here to download the Martinique/Guadeloupe product sheet

Click here to download the Guyana product sheet